Your Essential Guide To Picking The Best Area For Hotels In Jaipur

Jaipur is a popular holiday destination for tourists as it has all the elements of rich architectural elements and grandeur. From its beautiful palaces & forts, majestic temples, you’ll find heritage beauty everywhere in its old city quarter. When you are planning a trip to Jaipur it’s not just about exploring popular tourist attractions, sampling local food and shopping in old bazaars. Where to stay is a common query in every visitor’s mind. With such a huge assortment of hotels in Jaipur to choose from it does get overwhelming. The choice of hotels in the city span from economy to the super luxury segment. While it is easier to choose the category and the range of hotel, things get complicated if you have to choose a hotel based on which area to stay in Jaipur. Even though they are scattered across the city but there are certain areas where you can find many hotels. This blog is a guide on where to stay in Jaipur.


These are popular areas to pick hotels in Jaipur. Please note that the following areas have the maximum number of hotels. There are many good hotels which are out of these clusters. Since this is a guide to picking hotel area you can check if these are in the vicinity of below locations.

1.MI Road

MI Road is a commercial hub of Jaipur. It is also an arterial road that connects the western part of the city with central areas especially the tourist areas. Most hotels in and around MI Road are mid-segment hotels. The rooms are smaller in size with no garden. There are a few exceptions though like a few hotels on Sansar Chandra Road. A big advantage of staying on MI Road is connectivity. The railway station and Bus Depot are at a few minutes drive. Fetching transport is easy and so are the options to eat. Public transport is easily available. There are many good hotels on MI Road, Jaipur like Radisson, Golden Tulip, and even ITC Rajputana which is slightly off near Jaipur railway station. All these are closer to 5-star hotel category on MI road.


2. C-Scheme

C-scheme is residential cum commercial area. Very few hotels have come up during the recent years because it is one of the poshest localities of Jaipur. This area is central and well connected with most places. Hotels in this area are mid to premium segment. Another advantage of staying here is the presence of a large number of cafes and restaurants to choose from.

Statue circle in C-Scheme, Jaipur is preferred place for many travelers for hotels


3. Sindhi Camp/ Central Bus Station

The hotels in this area are huge in number. Most hotels in Sindhi camp caters to the budget segment. One must expect chaos and clamor here. The advantage of staying in this area is the easy availability of transport and inexpensive food options. The Metro connects Sindhi Camp to the walled city area of Jaipur too.


4. Kukas, Delhi Highway

Kukas is a hub of luxury hotels in Jaipur. A large number of resorts and international chains are present here. You can be assured of tranquility and a peaceful environment here. On the flip-side, traveling to the city requires significant time and planning. Ola and Uber taxi services are not available in this location.


5. Jaipur Airport/ Jawahar Circle

Hotels near Jaipur airport are mainly international business chains in the 4-star category. It is best suited for those looking for a peaceful stay with a short commute time from downtown area. Jawahar Circle & Malvia Nagar are fast developing as a cafe and restaurant hub too. Only certain locations in this area are well connected with public transport. There are a couple of international & national chain hotels near Jawahar Circle like Jaipur Marriott, Radisson Blu Jaipur, Jaipur Lalit, Sarovar to name a few.  Patrika Gate is synonymous with Jawahar Circle which also has a garden by the same name.

Patrika Gate at Jawahar Circle, Jaipur


6. Vaishali Nagar/ Ajmer Road

It is primarily residential but fast developing into an upcoming commercial center. Staying in here entails significant commute time and money to tourist attractions and shopping area. It makes little sense for tourists to stay here. The hotels here cater to mid-segment.

Hotel Grand Uniara, Jaipur

7. Raja Park

Raja Park is a good choice for a central location. It provides an easy access to the tourist attractions of the city like Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, and Jaipur City Palace to name a few. The hotels cater budget to mid-segment.

8. Bani Park

Bani park offers a great alternative to Sindhi camp with a variety of hotels to choose from budget to mid-segment. This area is well connected with both railway station and bus depot hardly a kilometer away. It is one of the best place to stay in Jaipur for the tourists. The only sore point is the traffic congestion during peak hours in certain areas.


Where to stay in Jaipur for tourists: If you prefer centrally located hotels in Jaipur MI Road, C-Scheme, Bani Park and Raja Park are the best locations. All these locations are ideal for the tourists visiting Jaipur.

This is not an exhaustive hotel list in Jaipur since they are spread across the city. I have only listed popular areas to choose a hotel in Jaipur as these areas have the largest number of hotels. I hope people will be able to find the best hotel in this Jaipur blog.

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72 thoughts on “Your Essential Guide To Picking The Best Area For Hotels In Jaipur

  1. This is an awesome post for potential tourists and has an international appeal. I am sure this would come up in Google searches and Jaipur is such a popular tourist spot. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures arv. Stay blessed!

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    1. Thanks. The idea of writing a post is to help potential visitors. Earlier I was writing a lot of offbeat stuff but of late many n readers have been requesting for more popular things. Still I try to maintain a balance. My next post is about an offbeat place in Jaipur. Thanks for the blessings. I’m surely blessed to have a reader like you. 😊 Have a great week ahead.

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  2. That’s a really helpful post for people traveling to Jaipur. I have been to Jaipur twice but since we had a dog with us we stayed in a pet-friendly resort, Lohagarh Fort Resort, it was quite far from the central area.

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  3. On my last visit to Jaipur, I lived in a hotel on MI Road. At that time I didn’t know about different areas in Jaipur. Now, after reading this post I know about the areas better. So next time I will choose my hotel wisely.


    1. MI road is a great choice Paresh. You can’t go wrong with it. Of course, the choice of hotels and facilities is limited.
      BTW, I found this comment in my spam folder which is why the response is delayed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Paresh 🙂


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