Old World Hair Salon In Jaipur

A lot has changed in Jaipur during the last few years. And so has men’s salon in Jaipur.

Old style men’s salon in Jaipur

These hair salons were popular until a few years ago. The new swanky ones have popped up across the city fast replacing them. With a wide variety of new-age salons to choose from home-grown chains to international ones like Tony & Guy, F-salon, and Truefitt & Hill, these are dying shops with little future. Probably, we won’t see them around in a decade or so. While the old generation of barbers continues to service customers at an affordable price in these salons, the young barbers prefer to work in swanky places & generate more money. It is not that these salons are a century old but in the current context, they have fallen out of flavor and therefore considered old-fashioned! The above picture was photographed at Jaipur heritage walk route in the old Jaipur city.

What’s your opinion?

Posted for Wordless Wednesday

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77 thoughts on “Old World Hair Salon In Jaipur

  1. Some pictures, sight brings back so many memories. The moment I saw this picture…memory of my little brother sitting on the barber’s chair and crying flashed before my eyes. I always used to pick him up and bring back home with only half hair done. hahaha…
    And now he is all grown up and takes me for my Salon appointments…
    Thank you, Arv for this post. Next thing I am going to do is to call him…and I am sure we both will have a good laugh …

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    1. Hi Bhavna. This is a monochrome picture and B&W does have some element of nostalgia. I’m glad that this picture brought back memories. These shops were part and parcel of our lives.

      Keeping a kid still for a haircut was always a challenge and it still is! Of course, we now have mobile phones to keep them distracted. I’m glad this post helped you to connect with your brother. By the way, how did you find this blog, Surabhi?

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  2. In my neighbourhood there is a salon like that. It is standing somewhere in the middle. It is not a swanky air-conditioned affair. Neither it is a sitting by the roadside stall. Charge is almost half compared to an airconditioned salon. I visit it. Because given the number of hairs I have, I find it difficult to justify shelling out Rs. 120 per visit. I go to this less expensive, Rs. 50 till last visit, place. He uses a fresh blade to shave. I don’t drive there. But he still gives me some undue respect compared to his other customers.

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    1. I’m sure if you were to analyze it, it is not just money which makes you patronize this neighborhood salon. The respect extended to you apart from his services is what matters. And did I mention the fact that you have been visiting this place for many years so familiarity too has its role to play. I’m sure that if all these salons were to offer air-conditioned and swanky ambiance, a large number of population will be left out. Given the social demographics we have in our society, we need all types of services in every industry. Thanks for sharing your insight and keep patronizing neighborhood salons. we need them around! 🙂


  3. yeah, as you said old saloon was one of a kind. But we have seen change in every profession and so did saloon .It is a art and it will take lot practice take a person body attributes like skin color and shape and give that charm to there face .


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