Sunrise In Jaipur | Beaming

I have a penchant with sunrises. Having shared pictures of the sunrises in Jaipur over the last few years, I gave it a deliberate break a few months ago only to share pictures of the sunsets once in a while. I took a break from hiking as well and thereby missed many stunning sunrises in Jaipur. Having restarted recently, I find this quote of Donald Miller befitting.

One of the things I associate with God is a sunrise. How many sunrises have you missed over the years, and God created that.

I’m sharing this stunning sunrise from my hike last week which I captured from a smartphone.


Isn’t this sunrise a powerful experience? People generally relate spirituality with religion. While I wouldn’t say it is wrong but in reality, spirituality is something else. To me, this sunrise is nothing less than a spiritual experience. It looks like the almighty decided to show us some light by sending us these beams. It surely makes it worthwhile to get up at 4.30 AM on a weekend!

What does spirituality mean to you?

Let me share another quote from Donald Miller. I don’t vouch for what it says in entirety but there’s a truth in the last line – everyone can enjoy a sunrise!

Christians might say that you can’t live a more meaningful life without Jesus. Well, that’s absolutely not true. You can. You can enjoy a sunrise whether you know Jesus or not.

Posting this for Friday Skywatch

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55 thoughts on “Sunrise In Jaipur | Beaming

    1. Thank you for checking out this post and taking to read & appreciate. Yes, the beauty of the sun is available for everyone to enjoy for free.

      I like the name of your blog. Where are you based?

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