man-and-tree- silhouette-jaipur-sunrise-skywatch

Humans And Trees | Are We Similar?

A few weeks ago during hiking, a random thought occurred in my mind.  Are humans and trees alike? Yes. They are. And how is that?

man-and-tree- silhouette-jaipur-sunrise-skywatch

Can you think of a few? Here are two similarities between humans and trees.

  • Uniqueness

No two humans are alike. Even twins differ. Differ in temperament, outlook, and thoughts despite possessing similar outward appearance and features. Our fingerprints are unique which is why biometric thumb impression is considered to be one of the most effective ways to identify a person. A retina scan is another alternative to identify someone.

In a similar way, trees from the same species differ in their appearance, height, leaves, fruits, and roots among other things. Each tree has a unique ring pattern in its tree trunk which denotes its unique DNA. Haven’t we come across a difference in the taste of fruits borne by the neighboring tree?

  • Mortality

Both humans and trees are mortal. Like humans, the tree expectancy varies from species to species. Some trees are known to live for hundreds of years but that’s impossible for humans. While 60-80 years is common, a life expectancy of around 100+ years is rare. As much as we are influenced by our atmosphere so are trees. Pollution in the environment affects both trees and human lives. Neither of us is mortal.

I’m sure there are many more similarities. Can you add a few more?

P.S. I captured the above picture during a hiking trip excursion near Jaipur. I’m a part of a hiking group in Jaipur who get together on a weekend to trek in nearby locations. The common motive that binds us together is love for hiking and watching the sunrise.

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66 thoughts on “Humans And Trees | Are We Similar?

  1. One more, just like humans, trees are also watch out for each other.
    Sometimes warning each other of an upcoming storm, holding each other via the roots.
    Read more in the book: The Secret Life of Trees.

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