Happy face – The Gardener!

I was out clicking few pictures near Albert Hall museum one Sunday morning, when I ventured out towards the park just behind the museum. Since the the roads are not open for traffic in early morning,I was sitting near the edge of the pathway and busy clicking pictures. Out appeared this man, who thought I was some journalist representing newspaper.

As soon as my eyes met his, he asked me to click his picture. I obliged! When I was done, he demanded to have a look at his picture. After having a look, he asked for one more! I obliged -again! After showing him the recently clicked picture,I could read his happy mind. After all he was happy with the way he looked in this picture!

Probably, he assumed that his picture will be out in a newspaper soon, but who had a heart to admit the truth to a happy man? He was the gardener looking after this garden. He bid me goodbye with namaste and went back to his work.

Since his picture won’t make it to newspaper, at least I can show him his picture on WWW, someday!!

The Gardner

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