Is Heritage Water Walk At Nahargarh Fort Jaipur Worth Your Time?

A few days ago, my friend invited me to Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk. The walk was conducted by Mr. Neeraj who is based in Jaipur. Nahargarh heritage water walk explains the methods of ancient water collection and rainwater harvesting systems of Nahargarh Fort. There are two huge Baoris or step-wells in Nahargarh Fort for the collection and storage of rainwater. Here is a picture of one of the stepwells at Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur.


Water walk uncovers the system of collecting and channelizing rainwater into these water storage systems or Baoris or step wells.

A Guide To Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk

During the last few years, Rainwater Harvesting has become a buzzword. Rainwater harvesting techniques and water conservation have become very important in recent years. So much so that without the rainwater harvesting process in place, the construction of a new building or house is not permitted by the urban authorities in Jaipur.

Water tour in Jaipur-Nahargarh Heritage water walk

Neeraj, the walk leader has worked with the World Bank on water conservation. After shifting to Jaipur, he conducts water walks at Amer Fort and Nahargarh Fort.

heritage water walk nahargarh by neeraj doshi

He traces his roots to western Rajasthan, a rain deficit region. Incidentally, water resource management is quite strong in the western region of Rajasthan.

Intact water channels of Nahargarh Fort
Overview of the water collection area at Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

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heritage water walk jaipur nahargarh

This heritage water walk in Jaipur focuses on the entire system for collecting rainwater and its storage, which was used a few centuries ago. A large part of this system i.e. catchment area is still intact and functional. How people in those times conceived & developed the system of water collection & storage is something to ponder over. Some components of these systems share similarities with the ones used in Europe during a similar time frame, especially in Southern Europe!


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The water conservation program was completely dependent on rainfall in this region. Once collected, the quantum of water could be used for more than a year and thereby making it easier to survive during rain deficit periods.

Nahargarh water walk

nahargarh fort water walk in jaipur

Although the major part of the water collection and conservation system is still intact and functional, some sections have been damaged, which seems to be a work of the human element rather than an efflux of time.

The damaged sections of the water channel.

The water collected through these channels accumulates in Nahargarh Fort water reservoirs or storage tanks popularly called Nahargarh Baoris. Here are a few pictures that explain the system.

The channel running just below the fort ramparts carries the rainwater to the storage tanks in Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

A close-up of this Nahargarh Fort water channel.


Nahargarh Baori is part of the water collection and rain harvesting system.

Here is a panorama shot of the Nahargarh water storage tank or reservoir commonly called Nahargarh Baori.

A panoramic shot of the Baori in Nahargarh Fort, used for storing rainwater.

The Nahargarh water collection system proves how people worked in tandem with nature in a bygone period. Despite living in this city for many years, certain sections of the water conservation system especially the catchment area had escaped my attention too. While, we all have seen water storage in Jaigarh Fort, Amer Fort, and Nahargarh Fort, the modus operandi was unknown.

heritage water walk in nahargarh fort jaipur

The current generation is unaware of ancient water conservation systems.

Nahargarh water walk
Nahargarh water conservation system

Here is a picture of the Nahargarh water channel during the monsoon. This picture shows how water collects in the water collection channels.

nahargarh water walk heritage water conservation system jaipur in monsoon
Water accumulates in the Nahargarh Fort water channel. Nahargarh Water Walk

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Lately, a few more companies have started undertaking Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk. Among the people who have recently started conducting the Nahargarh Water Walk are architects. Some people feel architects understand the whole concept of water harvesting better than anyone else. Is it true? I will leave that to you to decide. Here is a picture from Nahargarh Water Walk led by an architect.


What is the Duration of the Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk?

This heritage water walk requires around 2.5-3 hours. To this, you must add at least 35-45 minutes to reach Nahargarh Fort one way and Hence 1-2 hours for the entire commute time.

What is the starting point of the Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk?

Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk starts from a point outside the Nahargarh Fort

Is Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk interesting?

People seeking offbeat things to do in Jaipur might find the Nahargarh Heritage water Walk interesting. But this is subjective and water as a subject might not interest all travelers & tourists. One can certainly say this walk is more of an offbeat thing to experience in Jaipur. The walk is delivered in a story format.

Is Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk wheelchair accessible?

No, the route of the walk entails forest and steps that are not wheelchair accessible, hence not recommended.

What are the timings of the Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk?

It is available during the morning and evening in the summer season.

What is the minimum number of persons required for the Heritage water walk?

Water walks usually require a reasonable number of people and might not operate for a single person.

What is a good alternative to Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk?

If someone is seeking an interesting experience to showcase and understand the culture of Jaipur, then a heritage walk in the walled city of Jaipur will be a better idea. It is less time-consuming since it takes place in the heart of the city closer to Hawa Mahal, Jaipur City Palace, and Bazaars like Johari Bazaar, to name a few. It allows a more immersive experience in comparison to specialty walks like water walks. For more information read Heritage Walk in Jaipur

Is public transport available At Nahargarh Fort?

Nahargarh Fort is currently not served by public transport and one needs to hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to reach the fort to undertake the water walk.

To know more about this water walk and how you can undertake one, you can email Jaipurthrumylens @gmail.com. Nahargarh Heritage Water Walk made its appearance first on Jaipurthrumylens – the best  Jaipur blog.

 Jaipur Heritage walk

nahargarh heritage water walk jaipur jaipurthrumylens


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