Vibrant | Turban At JLF

Continuing from my entry for the previous Weekly Photo Challenge – Optimistic, I’m posting a picture clicked at Jaipur Literature Festival.

During last week, I shared pictures of an enterprising & optimistic person trying to convince a customer to buy his ware, outside Zee Jaipur Literature Festival. This week I’m sharing a picture of his makeshift shop, which looked pretty vibrant with items for sale- turban/ Pagdis & artificial jewelry.

Vibrant Turban & Jewelry, outside Zee Jaipur Literature Festival.

BTW, These turbans are printed in local print called Chunri, The Saris printed in this pattern is quite popular in Rajasthan and so are these turbans. In old times, these turbans would be tied up on the head by wrapping up the fabric. Even today, village folks still wear these turbans in the same manner. But the above turbans are ready to wear -no wrapping required! That’s a commercial solution!

Rajasthan is generally associated with vibrant colors! What’s your opinion? Is it Vibrant enough?

This post is part  of weekly photo challenge- Vibrant

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27 thoughts on “Vibrant | Turban At JLF

  1. I remember my trip to that part of the world in late 1971. About a month after arriving there. War broke out between Pakistan and India. So travel to Kashmir was not possible. On my way to Patna in December of that year. I think the train stopped at Jaipur? The train seemed to meander all across northern India. Stopping at many places it would have been interesting to view. I remember the turbans. Though never saw any so brightly coloured, nor so ready to wear. Mostly they were of plain cotton. I was told they kept the head cool? I never knew, for i never tried wearing one. Pre-folded or not. Mostly I associated them with Sikhs. Though in the fields one would see many men with cloths wrapped around the head. I know from my time here in Canada, a cloth soaked in water. Then wrapped around helps keep the body cool.

    Shortly before my return to England. The war was resolved. With the new state of Bangladesh.

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    1. In state of Rajasthan men wear colorful turbans, many times printed too. This is typical to Rajasthan. elsewhere in India esp UP or Bihar state, they are plain may be white. Sikhs also wear colored turbans but they are different material, different color and in differently wrapped style. it’s difficult for me to imagine 1971 as. It was long before I was born, but I’m sure it was a different world with lot more things to discover. In current world, uniqueness has been greatly reduced with globalization. this to me is killing of unique aspects for greater market reach! for example us leaving ethnic wear for jeans and tee!!! Not a good thing in my opinion! You never travelled again to India, after that? Thanks for your visit and comments!


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