Views From The Edge of Jaipur City

The moment someone mentions “Jaipur” images of Hawa Mahal, Amer Palace, walled city area and it’s bazaars pop up in our head because these are synonymous with the city. Have you ever imagined how Jaipur looks like from a distance?… beyond the city limits? ….from the edge of a hill?

I have curated a few pictures of Jaipur just for you to enjoy. The lovely views from the “edge of the city”.

Sunrise. Overlooking the NH8 highway which leads towards Delhi. Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

This picture captures the lovely expanse towards the National Highway 8 which connects Jaipur to New Delhi. The foreground has few mobile towers reminiscent of the urban landscape. The area in the background is a typical rural landscape dominated by farming and agriculture.

Lovely forest cover and Jaipur city beyond. Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

It’s a  stark contrast between the dense concrete structures and green forest with a small patch of meadow in its center. It does offer a breather from the sufferings of modern city life.

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Jaipur city from a distance. Weekly Photo Challenge- Edge.

The above picture captures the expanding city into new  & undeveloped areas.  I captured the above picture from a jungle where animals like hyenas and leopards live! The fast-expanding city is gobbling up the areas reserved for the forest and wildlife!! A sad aspect of urbanization!

View of Brahampuri from Garh Ganesh temple staircase, Gaitore, Jaipur. Weekly Photo Challenge Edge

Jaipur city view – overlooking  Brahampuri from Garh Ganesh temple. 

The above picture overlooks probably one of the earliest settlements of Jaipur after its foundation in 1727 AD.

view of Jal Mahal in Mansagar lake and Jal Tarang project. Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

I love this picture of Jal Mahal  & Mansagar lake with the hills in the background.  Jal Mahal is one of the top tourist attractions in Jaipur and is also called “Water Palace”.

Overlooking the industrial area situated at the edge of Jaipur. Weekly Photo Challenge- Edge

I’m sure everyone has seen enough of the typical tourist city attractions for which Jaipur is famous. Let me make a departure from the usual pictures and show you the industrial side as well. Captured above is the automobile plant in one of the few industrial zones that surround the city. Although industrial areas are neither clean nor aesthetic, the above picture is an exception.

Flight descending onto Jaipur airport.  weekly photo challenge – Edge

This picture of an approaching flight has already appeared in an earlier post (click here to explore this post). I’m re-posting it here as it fits in perfectly for the Weekly Photo Challenge Edge.

Sunset view from Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur. Padao open-air bar. Weekly Photo Challenge Edge

A similar picture appeared in Beautiful Sunset at Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur.  Click here to explore this post.

Out of all the pictures posted here,  one can easily experience this view in Jaipur by driving to Nahargarh Fort which overlooks the city from the edge of a hill. This place is extremely popular among the youth. It’s no surprise that youth throng here from sunrise to sunset on Sundays.

At the edge. Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

The views from the above place were stupendous even though climb through the scree was daunting. People who have seen this picture couldn’t believe that such a place exists at the edge of the city!

(Jaipur is growing & developing very fast. It is a city  spread between an area that stretches 30 Km North to South and 20 Km East to West.)

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