Sunrise at Nahargarh Fort

Which is the only place in Jaipur teeming with people at sunrise? The most popular sunrise point in Jaipur is Nahargarh Fort. Nahargarh Fort is the best place to see the sunrise in Jaipur. Famed Nahargarh sunrise attracts many people. The road which starts from Kanak Ghati & leads to the fort is busy with the traffic during pre-dawn hours, especially on Sundays. It turns out that this is the only place where one can drive to the vantage point to witness the sunrise. Alternative places to experience & witness the sunrise in Jaipur involve either walking or trekking.

Being an avid “Sunrise Chaser”, I generally avoid Nahargarh Fort because of the rush and noise created by the youth. Even when I do head here, I usually prefer secluded spots inside the fort. My preferred mode to reach Nahargarh fort is hiking through the hills and forest which makes it even more worthwhile. Read How to explore Nahargarh Fort

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Taking the less traveled roads to the Nahargarh Fort to enjoy the magic of sunrise.

I’m sharing with you two pictures of Sunrise at Nahargarh Fort which I captured earlier this week during a short hike.

Sunrise at the Nahargarh Fort – a “wow” experience

Notice the difference in the intensity of the Sun barely after a few minutes.

Time to head back after witnessing  Sunrise at Nahargarh Fort

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