The World Can Wait!

I participated in a photo walk here in Jaipur a few months ago. You can read more about it in this post Photo walk in Jaipur/ Street Photography – Faceless Frames ” Hands

As I was heading back after this photo walk, I saw this person in a deep sleep at one of the Gokhas of a heritage building which now a government-run library in Jaipur. This is one of the first libraries of Jaipur.

A beautiful amalgamation of European and Rajput architecture which houses a government library in this heritage building.


Gokhas can be found in all old buildings in Rajasthan especially Havelis. These are important architectural elements of haveli architecture and are arched sit-outs on either side of the entrance. These were essentially designed as a social space. The residents of Haveli used to sit here so they could chit-chat with the known passerby.

Gokhas are arched sit-outs on either side of Haveli entrance. An important element of Haveli architecture of Rajasthan.

Here are two close-ups of the above picture in monochrome.




This reminded me of a quote:

“What hath night to do with sleep?” – John Milton.

I’m sure everything in the world can wait for a good sleep. What do you think?


Posting this for Wordless Wednesday and Weekly Photo Challenge – waiting.















77 thoughts on “The World Can Wait!

    1. We can only guess…all I can say is that he was deep in his sleep because even the shutter sound couldn’t wake him. I guess he must have been tired. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Varsh. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Iram. Sleep is an overriding function which we can’t do without. Essential fuel for human functioning.
      Thank you for sharing your views. 😊


  1. Haha imagine when he wakes up , he realises that he is famous on the internet!
    I always wonder about consent when taking such pictures… just abthought don’t get me wrong , as a doctor , we can’t take any pictures until explicit written consent is taken . Called the HIPPA rule . Very cumbersome, but imp for legal issues.

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    1. Kuheli, You have picked up a valid point. Generally, I’m not into clicking pictures of people unless I strike conversation and take their approval. You are unlikely to see many pictures of people on my blog. I guess it was such a sight that there was no question of taking an approval.

      The rule that you have mention applies in western countries. If you are uploading any picture for sale on stock photography site, you need to take approval in written from the person being clicked. Without this approval, the picture cannot be uploaded on the site.


  2. I didn’t know this is called Gokha, but I’ve noticed them in so many forts/ palaces/ houses… I can imagine it’s hard to resist a quick nap in the cool shade 🙂

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  3. I find the concept of gokhas quite appealing 😍
    I have memories of having chit chat sessions with friends, as a kid, on cemented benches at the gates of the bungalow.


    1. Monica, there are reasons for everything. Gokhas were meant for taking a rest and also for socializing. The memories you listed…where was this? I mean city/town.

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      1. Its an industrial township by JN Tata. So also known as Tatanagar….. Tata Steel is there and many other Tata companies……

        Bungalows in plenty….. though flats are there too now.

        XLRI is there as well

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