The world can wait!

I participated in a photo walk here in Jaipur a few months ago. You can read more about it in this post Photo walk in Jaipur/ Street Photography – Faceless Frames ” Hands

As I was heading back after this photo walk, I saw this person in a deep sleep at one of the Gokhas of a heritage building which now a state library. Gokhas can be found in all old buildings in Rajasthan especially Havelis. These are arched sit outs on either side of the entrance. These were essentially designed as a social space. The residents of Haveli used to sit here so they could chit-chat with the known passerby.



This reminded me of a quote:

“What hath night to do with sleep?” – John Milton.

I’m sure the everything in the world can wait for a good sleep. What do you think?


Posting this for Wordless Wednesday and Weekly Photo Challenge – waiting.

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52 thoughts on “The world can wait!

    1. We can only guess…all I can say is that he was deep in his sleep because even the shutter sound couldn’t wake him. I guess he must have been tired. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Varsh. 🙂


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