The Dawn In Jaipur | Cyclone Ockhi Effect

I haven’t been posting pictures of Jaipur Sky for Friday Skywatch for a while now, until today. This sunrise in Jaipur was so stunning that I couldn’t resist capturing it. Moreover, it fits perfectly with these lines written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“Day’s fondest moments are at dawn,
Refreshed by his long sleep, the Light
Kisses the languid lips of Night
Ere she can rise and hasten on

All glowing from his dreamless rest……..”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Beautiful sunrise in Jaipur

Cyclone Ockhi seems to have stirred up the weather system in entire North India. Even though Jaipur was not on Cyclone Ockhi’s path, it did bring some chill in the air. Let me know what you think of this sunrise shot.

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65 thoughts on “The Dawn In Jaipur | Cyclone Ockhi Effect

  1. It is beautiful! I love the clouds and light…clouds are my new obsessions 🙂 Where I am these days, I get to see the most amazing clouds and I think it lends a lot of character to a clear blue sky!

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    1. Happy to hear this Joy! If you have the opportunity to see beautiful clouds, then you are lucky! Frankly, clouds are like an embellishment or ornament to the sky!
      BTW, where are you based? …you got me curious!

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  2. Splendid shot, arv, and the lines just fit the scene. Good that the effects of Cyclone Ockhi were limited in Jaipur. We had some rains this month due to the cyclone and the winter in Mumbai too is comparatively colder than the previous years.

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