The Dawn In Jaipur | Cyclone Ockhi Effect

I haven’t been posting pictures of Jaipur Sky for Friday Skywatch for a while now, until today. This sunrise in Jaipur was so stunning that I couldn’t resist capturing it. Moreover, it fits perfectly with these lines written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“Day’s fondest moments are at dawn,
Refreshed by his long sleep, the Light
Kisses the languid lips of Night
Ere she can rise and hasten on

All glowing from his dreamless rest……..”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Beautiful sunrise in Jaipur

Cyclone Ockhi seems to have stirred up the weather system in entire North India. Even though Jaipur was not on Cyclone Ockhi’s path, it did bring some chill in the air. Let me know what you think of this sunrise shot.

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65 thoughts on “The Dawn In Jaipur | Cyclone Ockhi Effect

    1. Alok, most of pictures on this blog have been shot using a compact super zoom. Of late…smartphone. This one was shot with a DSLR. Equipment does matter as it allows you to make adjustments. I don’t use LR/PS or any such software which allows enhancements. My philosophy is similar to yours on this issue. Happy to hear you liked this, Alok. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Shilpa. Have you read the complete poem? This is just an excerpt. I’m happy to hear that you liked this post. Do you get any opportunity to witness the sun like this?

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  1. Craftily taken, indeed beautiful….the contrast and the confluence of rising light and falling darkness. Sunrises as much as the sunset puts our photographer hat into the ring, and with your deft skill you have always captured the moment with fineness…and the beautiful lines by Wheeler Wilcox makes it surreal.

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    1. Thank you, Nihar. I think the credit goes to mother nature for creating such stunning visual treat. I merely press the shutter. 🙂
      I know you like walking, do you get an opportunity to witness the magic of sunrise?

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      1. You being humble, I agree it is all there with Mother Nature, but we need have eye for such beauty, and capturing the moment makes all the difference..
        Yes, I do and morning walk across different parts of the beautiful country of ours is indeed fascinating and it does goes so well with the walk…

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