The Custodian

I’m sharing this picture from one of the recent hikes near Jaipur. It was captured an hour after the sunrise in a beautiful location. Featured here is a hiker posing as the custodian of a derelict fort.

Following the tradition of Wordless Wednesday, I have posted a monochrome picture this time too. What’s your opinion? Do you feel that a color picture makes for a better frame?



Posted for Wordless Wednesday

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53 thoughts on “The Custodian

    1. I agree. I have already mentioned this in another comment that color helps in highlighting the details. Monochrome on the other hand accentuates emotions. Do you click monochrome pictures?

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  1. The scripted is so well written and then the execution has to follow the sentiment of the beautiful scripting. There is mystic aura in the composition of black and white. It does take the beauty to a different stratosphere. It appears pure and clear. There is no noise hidden in the branches of colour. It would always be a good idea to put the color picture next to the black and white, and one can see the contrast, life after all is so much in relative perspective.
    Always appreciate your wonderful efforts and making the moment count and you take that extra effort to capture that special moment that the nature gives to us.

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  2. This is a brilliant shot and it left me mesmerised. Not too sure if colour would to justice to the fascinating silhouettes. So glad to have you link up with us on #WordlessWednesday.

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      1. Hey…actually I wanted to read blogs on Rajasthan tourism and specifically Pushkar fair. I searched for it and yes your blog came first on my window 🙂
        I like your writing style along with the beautiful pictures. You do great work for giving insights of Rajasthan.


  3. First I read the description that informed about the place and the time of the day, specifically the Sin Set time. Going by the narration, I felt the photo would have looked more majestic in colour. It would have give justice to the subtle shades at the horizon.
    Without the narration, the photo as a stand alone, looks aristocratic courtesy monochromatic hues.

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