resurgent rajasthan jaipur cartist

Cartist-Jaipur/ Resurgent Rajasthan

Jaipur recently hosted “Resurgent Rajasthan“, an event to invite investors, business tycoon and industrialist to invest in Rajasthan. As a part of promotion and to build excitement around this event, 100 auto rickshaws were hand painted by the students and artists under Cartist Jaipur. These hand painted auto rickshaw or tuk-tuk as some tourists prefer to call it were exhibited at various tourist sites across the city like Albert Hall, Jalmahal, Hawa Mahal etc.

BTW one can also ride in these beautifully hand painted auto rickshaws! They will ply in Jaipur like the usual auto rickshaws.

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Cartist Jaipur.Auto Rickshaws parked in front of Albert Hall, Jaipur
cartist jaipur in resurgent rajasthan
Cartist Jaipur, auto rickshaw art!
cartist Jaipur- automobile art
Cartist Jaipur….auto rickshaw meant to stand apart!
cartist jaipur automobile art
Cartist Jaipur..Resurgent Rajasthan!


Head over to the popular Cartist Jaipur event – Cartist Automobile Art Festival Jaipur/ Exhibition

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21 thoughts on “Cartist-Jaipur/ Resurgent Rajasthan

  1. Well both posts are equally good. This one had the rickshaws and the other has that threaded (or was it bamboo work) car. I loved going through both posts and reading about the talent people have in this country. Thank you again for bringing this to us 😊

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