Central Park Jaipur | A Perfect Haven For Fitness Enthusiasts

The word Central Park conjures up images of the one in New York. That’s because it is one of the most prominent parks in the world. However, there are a few more parks with identical names. In India, there is one in Gurgaon and Jaipur. Central Park is the foremost park in Jaipur. It was the first park comprising a dedicated jogging track in the heart of the city.

Central Park Jaipur – A Guide

Even though the city is blessed with many parks but there aren’t many that can claim to be so big. The size of Central Park is around 40 acres. My last post on parks in Jaipur was Dravyawati Bird Park, check it out, if you haven’t, until now.

Central Park in the spring season
Morning walkers & joggers in the park


Jaipur Central Park was inaugurated on 21st January 2006. It was developed by Jaipur Development Authority with the aim of providing a vast green space in the heart of the city for the public.

Expansive view of the park

It was formerly possessed by the family of the erstwhile rulers of Jaipur. A substantial area of the park was part of the Rambagh Palace a residence of the previous queen of Jaipur, Maharani Gayatri Devi.

Rambagh Palace Jaipur

This palace is presently a hotel managed by the Taj group. A significant part of the jogging track runs along with the perimeter of the Rambagh Palace.


Indian Flag

One of the most distinguished features of Central Park is its enormous Indian flag. The flag post is 206 ft tall. This flag has a dimension of 72 feet by 28 feet & was inaugurated on 24 October 2011. Until 2011, this was the tallest flag post in India. However, over a period of time, there are even taller ones in other places in India.


The flag post is installed on the raised area. There are benches at the base of the flag post where one can sit and soak in the atmosphere.

Stone Statue Installations

The most iconic picture of Central Park, in my opinion, consists of these statutes.


They were installed 12 years ago and the credit goes to the artist Sameer Wheaton, a furniture exporter from Jaipur. These are local stones of Rajasthan and represent a constellation. Here is a picture of the same.


Jogging Track

The jogging track in Jaipur Central Park is 4 KM long. Initially, there was only one jogging track but as the park became extremely popular among joggers and runners, another one was added. The new one runs parallel to the original one.

Jogging track in Central Park

This jogging track is unique as it passes through the Jaipur Golf Club and Rambagh Polo Club. One never gets weary during the walk or jog as the visual element keeps changing. Witnessing the golfers play or a polo match in progress is a frequent occurrence.

It is also one of the reasons why runners and joggers prefer Central Park over the parks in their locality. The walking track in the park is approximately 3 Km long.

Walking path in the park

Considering a massive number of walkers & joggers visit the park in the morning, having two parallel jogging tracks doesn’t help. A short time ago, a recent extension to the park was added. The secondary area of approx. 6 acre was developed after JDA won the same in a court case. This area was under dispute for a long time in a case with the princely family of Jaipur.


Musical Fountain

The musical fountain at Central Park was the first in Jaipur. It was funded by the Shree Cement group. Over the last few years, it is out of use. It is commonplace for couples to sit near this fountain in Central Park.



JDA organizes a free yoga camp every day in the morning for the city residents near the flag pole. In summer the timing of Central Park Yoga is 6 AM to 7 AM. Apart from this yoga camp, a couple of individuals also organize free yoga for the public. One such class is near gate no 2.


This park remains a preferred choice of individuals who practice yoga on their own. One can find many people practicing yoga and Pranayam during morning hours.


A couple is busy with Pranayam and Yoga in Central Park, Jaipur

Open-air Gym

The open-air Gym was inaugurated in June 2016. Another first in the city. Considering the fact that open-air gyms are popular all across the world, the Jaipur Development Authority introduced one in the park. Since this was a runaway hit among the locals, such gyms were installed in many other parks in the city.


Music in The Park

JDA frequently organizes music concerts in the park. These are usually classical Indian, jazz, and Indo-western fusion music.


It is not just the joggers and walkers who visit this park. It attracts all kinds of people. Kids who love to play, elderly people who want to sit and relax, families out for some fun-filled moments, and friends who want to catch up are a few examples.


During work hours, the park is popular among the love birds and a preferred meeting spot for sales professionals in direct marketing. Not many city parks can claim to offer diverse use options.



Among the variety of trees in this park, the Chilbil or Bandar Ki Roti Ka Ped dominates the landscape. It is better known as Holoptelea Integrifolia


There are hundreds of these trees in the park. It is infamous for causing pollen allergy during the spring season. Among other trees commonly found are Peepal Tree, Gulmohar, and Neem. One also finds Bougainvillea all along the fence of Jaipur Golf Course running parallel to the jogging track.

Jogging track with Rambagh Palace Hotel and Golf Club on either side


Jaipur Central Park is in the C-Scheme area & constitutes a part of a large square land with roads on all four sides. It is surrounded by Birla Auditorium, Rambagh Golf Club, Jaipur Polo Club, Hotel Rambagh Palace, and Ashok Club. Here is a picture of the Golf Club.


The Polo Club is known as Rajasthan Polo Club and hosts many international Polo matches every year. It is one of the top polo places in India. Below is a picture of the Polo Club.


Entry Gates and Fee

Jaipur Central Park is completely free for visitors. There are five entry gates to the park. They are as follows:

  • Gate No 2- Opposite Secretariat on Bhagwan Das Road.
  • Gate No 3- Opposite Royal Ensign Apartments on Prithviraj Road
  • Gate No 4- Opposite Tapri Central on Prithviraj Road
  • Gate No 5- On Tonk Road

An additional entrance and parking option are through the gate of the Rambagh Polo Club/ Jaipur Golf Club. Although it is Gate no 1 people prefer to call this Golf Club entry gate.


Parking & Facilities

There are four parking lots at each of the above four gates. Despite this, it is challenging to find parking space during the morning hours 6-8 AM. Parking is free of charge till 9 AM and after 6 PM.

A picture of the parking area

Among the facilities, toilets and drinking water are available near gate number 1. There are no storage or locker facilities in the park. Pets are prohibited in the park. Games like cricket or football are unallowed, but one can play with a small tennis ball and frisbee. Riding a cycle in the park or jogging track is prohibited too.


Jaipur Central Park is open from 5 AM to 9 PM all through the week.


Places to visit near Central Park

  • Statute Circle

    Statue circle near Central Park
  • Tapri Central

    Tapri Central is a great place to enjoy a cup of tea with great views overlooking Central Park
  • Shahid Smarak  amar-jawan-jyoti-jaipur-shahid-smarak
  • Birla Planetarium & Auditorium
  • Arjun Statute
Impressive! Arjuna Statue, Jaipur

Things to do in Central Park

Central Park is popular among people for the following things:

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Yoga & Pranayam
  • Open-air gym
  • engage in outdoor games like Frisbee etc.
  • enjoy musical fountain
  • Cycling around Central Park perimeter by hiring a cycle near gate number 3

and lastly, do nothing. Sit back and enjoy the solitude in the heart of the city.

Beautiful Sunset

Did I forget to mention that I have witnessed some amazing sunsets in Jaipur Central Park? This is definitely the best place in the urban jungle to witness a lovely sunset. Here is a picture from the summer season of a sunset from Central Park overlooking the Jaipur Golf Course.


Here is a picture of the sunset at Central Park during the winter season


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During the morning hours, vendors selling vegetable juice and other healthy food lines up near the gate no 2. This is the best place for them to make some good money.

Graffiti in Central Park

So what sets Jaipur Central Park different from all other parks is the unique vibe of the place. It is a melting pot of people from different walks of life and age groups. Usually, one tends to see parks in Jaipur filled with the older generation but Central Park is different. This is a preferred park among young runners and joggers.



150 thoughts on “Central Park Jaipur | A Perfect Haven For Fitness Enthusiasts

  1. I never knew that Jaipur has a Central Park with a 4km diameter jogging track. We have something similar in Bombay. it’s called Shivaji Park but it isn’t as big. Considering how expensive Bombay is, it’s still a treat to have a 1 km diameter jogging track.
    Btw, I love parks too. My favourite is Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is one of its kind in Jaipur, Sonam. I have heard about Shivaji Park but never visited. Such parks provide breathing space in concrete jungles to the residents. Isn’t it?
      I’m glad you love parks. Somehow, I couldn’t visit Vondel Park but I have been to another park – Amstel Park. It is not popular among tourists and away from the central areas of the city. On the other hand, it does lack the buzz for which Vondel Park is not known for. Have you been to Amstel Park?


  2. So great to have such a big park in the heart of Jaipur. How interesting that this park used to be part of the Rambagh Palace. It sounds like a great spot for walkers and joggers. How fun that people use the space for yoga in the park too. And all free too! Love when large cities keep so much green space.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True, Linda, it is great to have such vast grenery in the heart of town. People who are in fitness and outdoors, love to visit Central Park. It is a first choice for runners and joggers.


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